English book | Frank Brangwyn "Forbidden Love"

English book | Frank Brangwyn "Forbidden Love"

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* Book's title: Frank Brangwyn "Forbidden love" Fears and desires of the     homosexual world at the time of Oscar Wilde;

* English language;

* Authors Francesco Spadaro - Egidio Marisca;

* Year of May 2019;

* A4 size (21 x 29.7 cm);

* Opaque plastic cover;

* Internal Pages no. 88, four-color illustrations;

* Sewing thread thread;

* Published by the Robert H. Kitson Foundation.

  • Short presentation

    ... They say that time is by no means an impeccable custodian and, sooner or later, all secrets, even those kept with the utmost care, are revealed; in 1948, the news arrived in America, to the director of the MoMA in New York, Alfred Barr Junior. He decided to visit Casa Cuseni to see the third English room, speaking of it then to some British art historians who were keen to report and highlight the discovery of this hidden masterpiece, but who kept silent about the real meaning of the wall paintings, simply calling it “a strange mural”. We would have to wait until 2012, a century after its making, to finally know the secret kept in Taormina, in the third English room created by Sir Frank Brangwyn.

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